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Now, log on to Shashi Tharoor's political world

BANGALORE, INDIA: If BJP leader L.K.Advani can follow the paths of Barack Obama to reach out to the voters vis the worldwide web, why not Dr. Shashi Tharoor – author, former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and the new entrant in Indian politics?
Yes, after being declared the Congress candidate from Thiruvananthapuram Parliamentary Constituency in Kerala, Shashi has launched a special Website to launch his campaign online.
"I have great pride in India and believe I can work to make it an even better land for all its citizens," says the writer-politician, in the newly launched bilingual site (www.shashitharoor.in).
Apart from his visions, credos and promises, the site also says why, according to Tharoor, Indians should vote for Congress/UPA.
Since he knows the cyber campaign cannot take wings just like that Shashi Tharoor has also given links to other blogs, networking sites and also Twitter, where you can become a fan of Shashi, or if you wish campaign for him.
And if you are not interested in his all-new political world, you can still have a glance at his literary world on his old website, where there is no tricolor. Such is the games God plays to make a politician out of an accomplished author, who's learning the basic lessons of practical politics.
Do you think Indian politics would be able move in a new direction by embracing the cyberspace?


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