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Amar Singh to act in a Bollywood film

New Delhi, Mar 24 (ANI): Samajwadi Party (SP) General Secretary Amar Singh will get a chance to act as the Home Minister in the forthcoming Bollywood film ‘Charge Sheet’, which is to be directed by Dev Anand.
‘It’s my privilege that Dev Saab asked me for this favour and I simply agreed to it. Till date, I haven’t become any Minister and I never wanted to become one. In fact, I never thought of becoming the Home Minister. So no matter whether it’s just in the film, ‘ said Amar Singh.
The 85-year-old Bollywood veteran approached the 53-year-old Amar Singh with a role considering him suitable for the character. He said that the role revolves around politics.
‘Amar Singh is playing the role of Home Minister. It would be correct if a Home Minister would do politics. Because I knew him as a friend, he was easily accessible to me and I approached him,’ said Dev Anand.
A part of the film will be shot at Amar Singh’s official residence at Lodhi Estate after the elections. (ANI)


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